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Buescher 400 True Tone model 225 from 1939



If any of you were paying attention, you may have noticed the website went down in mid October 2019.

This is what happens when you have a "Free" Website Host. At some point, they just delete your account and your site and make it impossible to contact them.

I've managed to restore the site from a backup on my home computer, but I have not checked the entire thing out for functionality. So it may be buggy in places. Sorry.

What is the Buescher Loyalist site?

A site dedicted to the finely crafted Trumpets and Cornets that the Buescher Company made from early 1900s to the mid 1960s

Why does the world need a "Buescher" loyalist site?

There are already loyalist sites for almost all of the other big name trumpet producers, Buescher made some incredible instruments that have mostly been forgotten. In 2011 I began researching trumpets and I discovered many wonderful things about many greatbrands, but the only stuff I could find on Buescher was what a few select people were posting in the trumpet forums. I became obsessed and decided that I would be that one to gather all that information and put it in one place on the internet.

This site was really a creatation of necessity as I began exploring the Buescher line of trumpets and cornets and could find little to no information on them. Luckily I stumbled upon TrumpetMaster.com and TrumpetHerald.com and meet up with a few guys (VetPsychWars, Axelip, and Beaukoo) who had been amassing information. These 3 along with a few others are truely MY sources of information. I consider myself pretty well versed on Buescher Trumpets and Cornets now, I consider these guys to be either Experts or the closest thing to an Expert.

Why don't you have Saxaphones, Clarinets, Flutes, or other Buescher instruments on this site? * (added 11/21/2013)

As I've stated, I'm a trumpet guy and I started this site as a resource for trumpets. I know there are a few Buescher Sax sites out there (the Sax was their BIG primo instrument in the day). I am definately no opposed to opening up this site with information about any and all Buescher musical instruments. My problems are 1) I'm not really familiar with the other instruments, and 2) I barely find enough time to research the Trumpets and Cornets! I would GLADLY add other instruments to this site if there are some people out there that can provide me with pictures and information about each model. So if you want Flutes up here, start sending me pictures and information. If you want to see saxes up here.... pictures and information. I will share it with the world, I just need some people with more expertise in their instruments to do the footwork.

What does this site hope to accomplish?

I hope to make this THE central location on the internet for information about Buescher Trumpets and Cornets. I have aquainted myself with a few people that I consider Buescher "Experts" and I'm using all their combined knowledge as well as articles and information I can get my hands on that is availabe on the internet and I'm putting it all here. Who knows, maybe someday I will include all of Buescher's instrumpet line, but at the point, the Trumpets and Cornets are enough of an undertaking.

When was this site created?

I registered and created this site on December 1st 2011, it has grown and improved vastly since then... and will continue to do so.

What's available on the Site RIGHT now?

- the SERIAL NUMBERS LIST (which was NOT created by me, I found 2 different lists on the internet and I've combined them)

- The MODELS page features over 60 Buescher models at this point and most have pictures associated with them as well.

- INDIVIDUAL MODEL SPECIFIC pages, at this point I've started turning out some pages that feature a specific model with excerpts from vintage Buescher Catalogs, high resolution picutres, descriptions of the model, and some reviews by people that have played the model. These INDIVIDUAL pages can be accessed on the MODELS page by click on the link of the specific model.

- LINKS, I have provided links to some of the best resources I could find on Buescher Trumpets and Cornets as well as links to other Loyalist sites

- SALE ITEMS, on occasion I put up some of my personal trumpets/cornets for sale. When I do, I try to offer them HERE first.

- UPDATES, this page highlights all the changes, corrections, and improvements made to the site.

What's in the works?

BUESCHER TRUMPET/CORNET DATABASE- if you are familiar with the "OLDS Registry" (which is currently offline) this is a similar concept. I am trying to compile THE most complete list of Buescher Trumpets and Cornets known to man. The database is comprised of Serial Numbers and Model Names / Numbers.

ARTICLES - I'm also collecting various articles and catalogs by Buescher to post on the site as well. At this point, I have been focusing more on the Models page(s), thus the Articles section has not really gotten off the ground.

BELL LOGOS - there are a few featured on that page so far, but this section will need an overhaul in the near future. I want to feature pictures of all the various Bueacher bell engravings. Some of them are quite magnificent.

BUESCHER HISTORY - I found a little something on the internet about Buescher's history and posted it here. I do intend to focus more on this section in the future.

About me...

I'm a guy that's been playing trumpet for about 30 years now. I've never played "Professionally", but I play locally and LOVE playing. I work at a high school as a computer tech and I try my best to help out with the band program, specifially the Trumpet section. I often bring in many of my horns for the high schoolers to try out. I had played the same horn for about 20 years before I started trying other horns out and learned that every trumpet, every model, every mouthpiece, and every trumpet player have their own unique identity. Finding the right combination of said elements can be an exciting journey. So I let the kids try out the varied and vast collection of horns I've amassed and on occasion, I loan out a horn or even sell it if I think the fit is right.

How can YOU help?

HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURES - the more the merrier! What I am MOSTLY looking for is:
1) entire RIGHT side of the instrument
2) entire LEFT side of the instrument
3) the bell logo featuring the entire bell up to the valve section
4) anything else you want to take pictures of and send me!

SERIAL and MODEL NUMBERS - to include in the database

ARTICLES - CATALOGS - PRINTED MATERIALS - I would love scans of any of this stuff!

SUGGESTIONS - if you have any cool ideas or advice pertaining to this website, please email me and let me know.

DONATIONS - I'm always willing to accept donation either monetary or in the form of Buescher Trumpets or Cornets. I'm prettymuch creating and running this website all on my own.

If you want to throw me some spare change, here is a PayPal button to do so. Any donation is appreciated.


I HOPE I don't end up offending anybody, but I plan on borrowing info, data, and pictures from virtually any source that has any reference to Buescher trumpets. When possible, I will ask to use pictures or direct quotes from people.  I also hope to get advice from those that know more then I do about Buescher's trumpets. I consider myself quite knowledgable in Buescher Trumpets and Cornets, but I am not the top dog in the Buescher trumpet world.